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The Love Within Us Spanish Affirmation Deck

The Love Within Us

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Find your self-empowerment and love within. Speak these affirmations to manifest positive thinking and self-awareness. Allow these to be a daily mantra for your mind, body, and soul.

The Spanish Affirmation deck offers 34 translated, powerful, & self-affirming messages. This deck displays an array of bright, and colorful affirmations. Also included is a “How to Use” card, and a “My Mission” card

This deck is dedicated to all my bilingual friends and teachers. I know how limited the bilingual resources are and it is important to me that we are all included.

These "I am" statements are perfect for displaying on your desk, dresser, or workplace for constant affirmation. They come in a custom designed rigid box that is convenient for storage or traveling. They are perfect to take your cards on the go or gift to a loved one.

I recommend journaling your thoughts and feelings about each affirmation daily.


-Cards - 3.5” x 3.5”

-36 cards total

-34 affirmations

-Sturdy rigid box - 3.875" x 1"

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