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Knot Candle

Wick Haus

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Light up the room with this Knot Candle and reveal a surprise! Each candle reveals a message in a bottle with positive affirmations and motivational quotes - guaranteed to lift your spirits!


Weight: 14 oz.

Ingredients: GMO-free soy wax, paraben and 100% phthalates free fragrance oils, lead and zinc free flat braided cotton wicks, glass vial with a message inside

Burn Time: 3-12 hours

*The color and finish may vary ever so slightly due to each of our candles being handmade and the properties of the wax.

Candle Care

  • Trim your wicks to 1/4 in. before each burn. Trimming any mushrooming will provide longevity and clean burn.
  • Burn your candles for 1-2 hours until the entire top liquifies. This will prevent tunneling.
  • Allow candles to return to room temperature before burning again.
  • Place candle on heat proof surface as candles may overflow.
  • The candle contains a glass bottle hidden within the wax. After burning for 30 minutes the bottle is revealed and can be removed from the wax with tweezers. Once removed from wax, open and enjoy your message.
  • Store candles in a cool, dry place.
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