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Coffee-Latte Watercolor Kit- Watercolor Made Easy

Magnolia Art Co.

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Watercolor Made Easy!
Inspiration for the project:
The term comes from the Italian caffè latte, literally "coffee and milk" The foam on top of the latte is also a distinguishing feature, It is no surprise that lattes have become a go-to beverage for many coffee lovers. Latte art as they call it is visually pleasing, but needs mastery.Introducing our exquisite Coffee Latte - a delightful blend of rich coffee and velvety cream. Indulge in this aromatic masterpiece, expertly crafted for those with a taste for refined personal artistry.

Magnolia Art Co.

Mesmerized by the magic of watercolors each and every time, Swetha founded Magnolia Art Company to inspire and spread the joy of watercolors.
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