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Declutter Deck

Declutter Deck

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Declutter Deck™ is a quick and easy way to get organized, using mini-organizing prompts that break down the organizing process into small and manageable parts. Declutter Deck was created to make organization accessible to all. As Marie Kondo Master Consultants, we know which spaces will make the biggest impact on your daily life. Completing the prompts on each card will allow you to organize your home without the stress of a major organizing project.

As professional organizers, we understand that getting organized can be overwhelming for a lot of people. We often have clients that feel daunted and anxious when trying to tackle organizing on their own. We understand! The most common thing we hear from clients is, “I don’t know what to do or where to start,” which is why we developed Declutter Deck.

To use the Deck, simply draw a card and complete the prompt. The Deck is self-paced, so you can do them as often as you like. We recommend completing 2-3 cards per week, spending between thirty minutes to an hour on each card. As you work your way through the Deck, you will find your space becoming more functional and efficient. Declutter Deck is about more than just putting things away neatly, it’s about freeing you from the anxiety and stress that come from an unorganized space. Declutter Deck™ is perfect for anyone who gets overwhelmed at the thought of organizing, or simply doesn’t know where to start. Declutter Deck™ motivates you to clear your space, alleviating stress and improving the functionality of your home.

Each Declutter Deck™ comes in a luxe branded bag, which feels like a cross between suede and silk, with a ribbon cinch for easy storage. This deck makes the perfect gift for housewarmings, wedding showers, graduations, people combining households, first-time homeowners, busy parents, or anyone who just needs a little help getting organized!

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