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Meet the Maker: Marry Me In Spring

Meet the Maker: Marry Me In Spring

The most important moments and memories in our lives deserve to be remembered and celebrated for more than just 24 hours. We know a picture’s worth 1,000 words, but hand-illustrated watercolor paintings might just be worth a million. Catherine from Marry Me In Spring creates lovely prints commemorating important holidays, cities, and pups that will make an excellent gift for a friend or yourself. We can’t wait to introduce you to Catherine share her wonderful watercolors with you! 

Hi Catherine! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today! Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Catherine and for as long as I can remember I have been drawing.  I drew on the corners of my notes in class, napkins at restaurants and bulletins at church. I have always had an interest in fashion and so I pursued a degree in Apparel Design at Baylor University.  After falling in love with my fashion illustration class I began to dabble in watercolor and haven't stopped painting since!

I love Jesus, my family & my friends. I love all things denim and I'm always on the search for the perfect overalls. I love antiquing, brunching, old movies, audiobooks, blue and white everything and I have an addiction to rearranging furniture. 

We love that you’ve been able to turn a lifelong passion for art into a career! Who inspires you?

Chip and Joanna Gaines inspire me! I love the way they dream, take chances and create beautiful things. I also love the way they prioritize family and the people in their life. Being a part of the Magnolia Silobration and Spring at the Silos events for many years really boosted my business and I would not be where I am without their support of small businesses.

We love their show– they are such an inspiring couple! Tell us about Marry Me In Spring! What do you make and how long have you been doing it?

From Live Wedding Paintings and Custom Illustrations to Prints in my shop, I have illustrated pieces of art that are personal, meaningful and beautiful for the ones you love most and the moments you never want to forget. This business began 7 years ago and has evolved from wedding illustrations to home paintings, city prints, dog calendars and more!

Whether you are celebrating a wedding day, an anniversary, a new baby, a first home, a beloved pet, or anything in between, Marry Me In Spring was created to help you remember the meaningful seasons that add up to a lifelong story & to celebrate the ones you love most.

What a beautiful way to help people celebrate the most important moments in their lives! Why did you get involved with MMC?

I love the way that Katy brings creative and talented women together! I dreamed of being able to put my product in stores for years and to have a network of creative women to know and learn from. When I heard about MMC I knew I had to be a part of it.

We’re so glad you joined the collective! What advice would you give a young artist?

My advice to a young artist is just to begin. Don't wait until you feel like you are "good enough" or "prepared enough" or your brand is "perfect." I have learned so many new skills by just posting, selling and figuring it out as I go. We are our own worst critics and sometimes just jumping in and starting is the best way to get to where you want to go.

That’s great advice! Getting started is the hardest part! What is your favorite restaurant in Bishop Arts District?

My favorite restaurant in Bishop Arts is Eno's Pizza! Great atmosphere and delicious food!

Same! I can’t get enough of their Pig Smiley pizza! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today– it’s been so fun to learn about your business and how it’s grown over the years. We are so glad to have you as a maker at Mosaic Makers Collective! 

Want to learn more about our makers or shop Marry Me In Spring?  Check out these additional resources: 

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