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Meet the Maker: Ginably

Meet the Maker: Ginably

Our Meet the Maker series continues with Gina Su from Ginably. She’s a woman of many talents and we love the whimsical and feminine style of her enamel pins and paintings. She also creates beautiful-yet-practical weekly and monthly planners for the woman who wants her calendar to look great– even when the week ahead is chaotic! We’re so excited to learn a little more about the woman behind the art.

Hi Gina! Thanks for sharing your story with us today. Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

I’m an engineer by day and artist every other hour of the day! Ginably is a business that I started back in college as an outlet and since then I’ve been building it to where it is now. And I don’t plan on stopping! I have been married to my husband for almost 2 years now but we have been together for just about 11. We are cat parents to two mischievous food-motivated cats named Mango and Melon. Texas has been my home ever since I was born and I can confidently say… I would have no idea how to handle a winter.

Same! Anything below 70° and I’m pulling out the fuzzy socks! We’d love to hear more about Ginably! I’ve heard it’s short for “imaginably,” and that trait definitely comes through in your fun products!

Ginably is primarily a stationery and art print business. I illustrate all the designs myself and even some of the printing is done in house. It has expanded into a few things like enamel pins, ornaments, and other little household goodies. I started back in 2011 only selling originals. Some of my first works were faceless watercolor cats sitting in flowers and grass. I opened up with Etsy and back then Etsy was not as known as it is now. I still remember how excited I was to get my first sale.

There’s nothing like the joy of making your first sale! How has your work evolved over time?

From there, I moved on to more abstract watercolor and pen designs, primarily because it was the least messy medium that I could work with in my dorm room. Throughout the years, I’ve experimented with so many different techniques and products until finally settling into my brand. Ginably products are whimsical and delicate with a lot of floral elements incorporated. It took me a while to find my “voice” in my work but I think Ginably offers a unique and stylized viewpoint.

We love the brand you’ve created and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! What are you most excited about for the future?

I know when we are younger we always feel like we are in the best stages of our lives. But as I’ve been getting “older,” I’ve found myself more and more excited for what is to come. I am most excited about creating new products for Ginably and growing into more shops around the country. I am looking forward to traveling one day when things become safe again and eventually growing our family here at home.

Speaking of travel, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I definitely would love to be able to visit Asia again. With limited vacation days at work (and of course money lol!), I’ve never been able to do a big tour. I know my husband and I would love to visit China and Taiwan to see some family, but we also would love to go back to Japan where we went for our honeymoon. Following that, I would love to go to Bali and Singapore for some relaxation and views!

Your travel bucket list sounds so dreamy, we hope you are able to cross them all off soon. Thanks so much for sharing Ginably with us– we’re so glad to have you as a maker at Mosaic Makers Collective!

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