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Meet the Maker: Awoken

Meet the Maker: Awoken

What do you do when the vibes are off? If your first instinct is to light up a smudge stick and sage away the bad vibes, you will love today’s maker! Awoken, founded by Desiree, offers DIY smudge stick kitsready-to-use white sage smudge sticks, and Zodiac crystal kits, which are a perfect gift for the spiritualist in your life. We can’t wait to share her story with you today! 

Hi Desiree! Thanks for chatting with us today. Can you please tell everyone a little about yourself?

Originally from West Texas, I have always been a creative soul and have had the privilege to call Dallas home for the past 5 years now! In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, watching guilty pleasure shows, and spending lots of time with my fiancé and our 3 dogs. 

We’re so happy you’ve chosen to call Dallas home! What are you most excited about for the future?

I am looking forward to many things in my future— starting my married life with my honey, building a house, and growing my business as much as I can. The sky is the limit, and I try my best to keep an ambitious mindset, always. 

You have SO many exciting things coming up! We’d love to learn more about Awoken. What do you make, and how long have you been doing it? 

My spiritual collection is called “Awoken.” I came up with the name based on the modern-day spiritualist being “awake” to the world around them and wanting to spread and receive positivity in its purest form. I create handmade gifts using sacred tools such as sage and raw stone crystals. I started this collection in the late months of 2021, but have been educating myself on the topic since 2019. 

It’s a great collection! We love that you’ve grown in your spiritual practice and that it led you to a place where you can share it with others, too! Why did you get involved with MMC?

I got involved with MMC first as an employee. Like I said, I’ve always been a creative, so finding such a wonderful local spot full of artisans made me feel like I was meant to be here. After working for Mosaic for over a year, I finally decided to join as a maker. I am in love with the female-based concept, and of course…TEXAS! 

You are such a vital part of this community! We’ve loved getting to know you as an employee and look forward to seeing you thrive as a maker! What are three words that best describe your work?

Three words that best describe my work are intentional, pure, and worldly. 

A perfect description! If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

If I could have any superpower, I would love to be able to fly! I imagine seeing the world from an aerial view with no one around must be amazingly peaceful and something that would fill your eyes with complete natural beauty. 

What a lovely reason to choose flying! Even though you haven’t received that superpower (yet!!), you share natural beauty through Awoken every day! 

Want to learn more about our makers or shop Awoken's products?  Check out these additional resources: 


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