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Explore Bishop Arts: MELT Ice Creams

Explore Bishop Arts: MELT Ice Creams

We love being a part of the Bishop Arts District and think our neighbors are the absolute best. To showcase Oak Cliff and the people and places that make it amazing, we’re launching a new blog featuring the local businesses that are the heartbeat of the District.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for MELT Ice Creams! We’re starting with one of the sweetest shops around— MELT! Just beyond their sunshine-y yellow door are incredible flavors, high-quality treats, and friendly staff. Let’s get to know a little more about MELT Ice Creams!

We absolutely love your store and your ice cream! Can you please tell us a little more about your store and whether there’s a special shop behind your name?

At MELT, we believe if the world was kinder it would be a better place, we like to think that if we can melt away your problems for just five minutes, you might spread that joy to others.

We love that! A little kindness goes a long way, and ice cream always makes the world a better place! Can you please tell us a little about your founder and what inspired them to start the business?

Kari Seher wanted high-quality ice cream made with real ingredients and couldn’t find it so she set out to make her own and spread a little joy along the way!

Photo courtesy of MELT Ice Creams

Where are you located?

405 N Bishop

Photo courtesy of MELT Ice Creams

That’s just two doors down from our shop— we love y’all and know our customers do, too! When did you open in the District?

March of 2019

What are your hours?

Wednesday, Thursday + Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Friday + Saturday: 12pm-11pm

Photo courtesy of MELT Ice Creams

Love those post-dinner ice creams! How did you end up in Bishop Arts District?

We love the neighborhood, we love that the fabric of the district is made of up locally owned and operated stores with heart and soul. We wanted to be a part of the specialness of BA!

You definitely add some sweet heart and soul to the street! What’s one product you sell that everyone needs to try?

Our dairy-free flavors always shock people that they are so rich and creamy without milk, we work very hard to make sure we have specialty frozen treats for those who have allergies to dairy! Our dark chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk on a homemade waffle cone is my go-to!

Photo courtesy of MELT Ice Creams

That sounds amazing! What a cool (pun intended!!) way to make sure everyone can enjoy your treats! Which Bishop Arts event is your favorite?

We love taking part in all the events but Bastille on Bishop is our favorite!

Oui, oui! It’s such a fun event! Share the love: What’s your favorite Bishop Arts business?

I love visiting Cocoa Andres and loading up on horchata, it’s so good! I’m a fan of so many of the businesses, the Oasis plant shop, Eno’s pizza, Tacos y Vino…there’s really no shortage of amazing eats and drinks in BA!

It really is so hard to choose just one! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today. We are so glad you’re a part of the neighborhood, and we’ll see you soon for a Cup of Texas!

After your next shopping excursion at Mosaic Makers, be sure to check out MELT!  And check out some of our other favorite Bishop Arts neighbors!

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