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Behind the Scenes: N.Y.M.F. by Co

Behind the Scenes: N.Y.M.F. by Co

When we last chatted with Collette, she told us all about her fashion brand for a new generation. N.Y.M.F. by Co recently rebranded, but she’s still making hand-painted clothing that makes getting dressed a whole lot more fun! Today, we’re going behind the scenes as we learn about Collette’s process for creating such unique pieces!

Hi Collette! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes today! Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I find inspiration everywhere – in food, art, life, fashion, and the world around me. Interesting color combinations are my favorite thing to keep an eye out for – it could be the corner of a mural, wallpaper, icing on a cake – it’s fun to take these inspirations and translate them into my painted fashion.

Inspiration really is everywhere! Your research has paid off– we love the combinations you create! Do you plan for months before creating a new product, or do you create spontaneously?

I typically have an inkling of an idea for a few months but it takes a while to get started. And once I do start the project I rush through it quickly because I can’t wait to see the final product!

Yes! It’s always fun to see the planning come together. Can you please walk us through a step-by-step process for creating your product?

My painting process is so fun! For the most part, I paint everything flat, before it is constructed. So my hoodies for example – I take the front and back pieces, pin them side-by-side on my art wall, then paint with whatever color combo I’m feeling at that moment. After it dries, I then construct the garment together and the outcome is a unique and stylish hoodie!

How cool! That sounds like such a fun process. What does a typical day look like for you?

Well as a small (tiny!) business that is literally just me – I wear all the hats. While I wish every day could be art and design day, more often I’m on the computer updating social media, responding to emails, and overall staying on top of business tasks. Since I’m starting to work with a local professional cut and sew production (instead of cutting and sewing every single piece myself!!), I spent much less time at my sewing machines than I used to. And a few times a week I’ll go to my painting studio and paint – those days are my absolute favorite!

It’s great that you’ve found a local cut and sew production to help so you can focus on the part you love the most! Who’s the first person you show when you create a new piece?

My husband! He’s currently working from home and in the next room, so I’ll usually do a little fashion show for him. He’s very supportive and loves everything – but I will admit he doesn’t really have an eye for fashion so I typically have to get a second opinion.

Home fashion shows– how fun!! We love sneak peeks! Can you let us in on any future products we can look forward to seeing on the shelves?

I don’t really have any specific items yet – I have inklings of ideas, but that’s all they are right now! I’ll just say I’m hoping to do more home goods and decor in the next few months!

We can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks so much for taking us behind the scenes, Colette! It’s been fun learning more about N.Y.M.F. by Co!

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