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Pina Colada Soy Wax Candle

Flutter Beauty Bar

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Our Pina Colada Soy Wax Candle will remind you of a vacation on the beach, sipping that classic but delicious coconut & pineapple Pina Colada! Decorated with the prettiest hand-picked dehydrated flowers and coconut flakes making it great decor for your home.


  • Soy Wax is non-toxic and cleaner-burning being made with no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants which means our candles are less likely to trigger allergies. As a vegetable-based wax, it does not give off any harmful byproducts or produce black soot that can stain walls and curtains like the other leading waxes.

  • Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax and because of this, soy candles will burn slower and longer than paraffin candles. Oils evaporate better from a larger surface area and with the lower heat and larger melt pool soy wax creates a scent that will be that much stronger and more pleasant.

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